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Theslushy machine produces a mixture of water, sugar flavour and coloring. Afer the liquid has been added into the bowl, the machine is turned on and the mixers are activated. The system will cool for two hours, after this time the drinksare ready to go.

Some of our flavours include; Strawberry Daiquiri (add white rum), Mango Daiquiri(add white rum),

Fruit tingle (add vodka), Mojito (add white rum), Lemon Margarita (add tequilla), Tequila Sunrise (add tequilla). Please ask us for our full list of slushy flavourings.

Our slushy machines range from $150 to $250. When you hire a slushy machine from us you will also receive 100 regular plastic cups. You also have the option to purchase our premium plastic cocktail glasses. These are available at $60 for a carton of 120 plastic martini glasses.

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